Associated banks

Pursuant to the current Articles of Association, the banks and the parent companies of a banking group, registered in the special Registers kept by the Supervisory Authority, as well as the branches of foreign banks authorized to carry out activities in the San Marino area can join the Association.

To date, they are associated with ABS:

Cassa di Risparmio della Repubblica di San Marino

Piazzetta del Titano, 2 – 47890 SAN MARINO

Gruppo Banca di San Marino

Strada della Croce, 39 – 47896 FAETANO

Gruppo Banca Agricola Commerciale Istituto Bancario Sammarinese

Piazza Tini, 26 – 47891 DOGANA

Banca Sammarinese di investimento SpA

Via Monaldo da Falciano, 3 – 47891 FALCIANO

Lines of action

San Marino, 2 July 2018
The San Marino Banking Association intends to become a leading player along the banking system reform path, fundamental to the…
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NPL Project

San Marino, 27 June 2018
The project offers a practical and operative contribution in finding a solution to the NPL problem, consistent with the International…
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San Marino, 27 February 2018
Titano 2018 was created to provide a study on the reorganisation of the San Marino financial system – as well…
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