NPL Project

The project offers a practical and operative contribution in finding a solution to the NPL problem, consistent with the International Monetary Fund directions, in line with the EU principles and open to AQR results, giving first priority to debt recovery and management.

This results from the collaboration between Trade Associations and trade unions, Professional Boards, San Marino Public Administrations as well as work relationships with the most important institutions and political, social and cultural organizations – among which we would like to mention the Italian Banking Association, the Italian Ministry of Economic and Finance Affairs, the International Monetary Fund and the scientific contribution offered by Prof. Biagio Bassone and Prof. Stefano Ambrosini part of the ABS Committee of Wise Men as well as Prof. Gian Domenico Mosco, Manager of the LUISS Dream Research Centre.

The Project was shown to the authorised personnel and to the civil society during a popular public event held on the 17th of March 2017 at the Kursaal Conference Centre to which the following lecturers together with the above mentioned experts have participated: Dr. Giovanni Sabatini (ABI General Manager), Dr. Giulio Romani (F.I.R.S.T. C.I.S.L. General Secretary), Dr. Marco Nonni (already part of the Board of Directors of the Banco of Naples – CRIF Counselor), lawyer Marcello Valignani (already SGA Ltd. Managing Director), Dr. Marco Cattaneo (CPI Private Equity President) and the Dr. Lia Zichino (Responsible of the Practice Market Analysis and Prometeia Ltd. Financial Intermediaries).

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