Titano 2018 was created to provide a study on the reorganisation of the San Marino financial system – as well as a way of strengthening in its entirety and also rebuilding new competitive foundations, the White Paper for reorganizing and reviving the San Marino financial system.

The Project, after being previewed and illustrated to a committee of international experts during a dedicated workshop at the Brookings Institution of Washington DC (USA) was presented to the community of San Marino on the 14th of December 2012 during a specific seminar to which the following people have participated as rapporteurs, the authors of the project itself: Marco Ferrini, Richard Greco, Domenico Lombardi and Carlo Pelanda. After the presentation, Titano 2018 was handed over to the San Marino Institutions, the International Organizations in the missions context of the same ones sent to San Marino (FMI, UE Commission, UE EFTA Team, etc.), and the Italian Banking Association.

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