Statute & code of ethics

The Banking Association of San Marino is a non-profit voluntary association who carries out its activity coherently with what the present Statute has put in order, recently updated to meet the changing needs.

Contents Summary. Constitution, location and aims – Associates, related commitments, admission and withdrawal – Authorities (Assembly, Board of Directors, President, Sole Mayor, Board of Arbitrators and, where deemed useful the appointment to General Secretary) – Assets – Administration – Technical commissions – Equity investments in companies – Duration and end.

In order to achieve its institutional aims, in 2010 the Associations adopted a specific code of ethics to which all Associates and members of the Board of Directors are required to abide.

Lines of action

San Marino, 2 July 2018
The San Marino Banking Association intends to become a leading player along the banking system reform path, fundamental to the…
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NPL Project

San Marino, 27 June 2018
The project offers a practical and operative contribution in finding a solution to the NPL problem, consistent with the International…
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San Marino, 27 February 2018
Titano 2018 was created to provide a study on the reorganisation of the San Marino financial system – as well…
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